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Cali Summber Camp

California Oral English Course Introduction

     California English provides tutorials (each student will get a tutorial) and foreign teachers, small-class oral teaching and practice, no more than 10 students per class, with 1 foreign teacher +1 teaching. The main purpose is to improve the students ability to listen and speak. We use everyday conversations, songs, plays, recitations, etc. This course is taught by California English's “Most Popular Teacher” Brett or Barry.

Mechano Game


Mechano is an intelligence development game that was introduced from the United States in 2014 to develop children's logic, innovation ability, system thinking ability, and hands-on ability. Sub-entry, beginning, advanced, young engineer, engineer, and professional (for 4-15 years old) are programs that children and young children not only like, but also develop a variety of abilities, and children's hands-on ability, patience, confidence The training is also very helpful. The course was taught by Dr. Marcel, a British intelligence development expert.

Traffic Jam Game


Traffic Jam is a game that develops children's ability to think independently, to train spatial logic, and to develop hands-on skills. Suitable for 4-10 years old. While understanding the objective laws of things, children and young children can achieve the specified goals through independent thinking and choosing the correct method, which is very helpful for enhancing the confidence of children. The course was taught by Dr. Marcel, a British intelligence development expert.

Jurassic Intelligence Game


Game learning needs to first understand the various characteristics of animals, habits, and so on, so that students make their own judgments in the game process, develop children's hands-on ability, independent thinking ability, coordination ability. This game is divided into multiple levels and is suitable for students aged 4-15. The course was taught by Dr. Marcel, a British intelligence development expert.

Rehearsal Course Introduction


                      适合6-10岁                                                                                     适合4-7岁



California English provides script (Chinese and English) and foreign teacher rehearsal. According to the age and English level, we choose different scripts to rehearse, such as the stories of the Little Red Hen, Gaudile, and the three bears. It is estimated that the class time is 4-8 hours. If parents can prepare items, they will be more real and vivid. This course is taught by Jordan teacher Jordan.

Tour Arrangement and Course Introduction

Location of the trip: Dapeng Ancient Town, 50 kilometers from the city center. The teachers were led by Barry, Brett and other foreign teachers. Each student's 1-2 parents participated, leaving on Friday afternoon and returning on Sunday afternoon.
On this trip, California English (five branch campuses) and Seal English students will participate in a joint delegation. You and your family members will enjoy a lot: play, learn, meet new friends, socialize with new friends, and spend time in a pure English environment. Living, communicating with foreign teachers, playing with foreign teachers, sports, etc.

Note: The collection place and specific arrangements will be notified separately.

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