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California English is a cultural communication agency focused on improving children's English language skills. It has branch offices and cooperative schools in Silicon Valley, California, and Manila, the Philippines. We believe that for English as a second language student, English should have the ability to mainly express the ability to listen and speak. We adopt daily life, learning, hosting, fairy-tale drama, recitation and other settings, and set up six levels of language training courses (Children's basic classes, children's classes, children's basic classes, children's classes, basic classes for teenagers, and young people's classes are all offered. They provide targeted teaching for students at different levels. Using a combination of foreign teachers and Chinese teachers, foreign teachers are responsible for teaching. Chinese teachers work as a bridge between students and parents and foreign teachers, and assist foreign teachers to complete teaching tasks. Our foreign teachers are very experienced teachers and have long been engaged in language teaching for young people. Our tutorial is based on Montessori's concept of children's language development. It is written by North American teaching and examination experts and is exclusively issued and used in mainland China. The textbook respects students and recognizes that students are capable individuals and fully exploit their language potential.

 As an international communication language, English is one of the most important ways to understand the culture and traditions of the West and improve the English ability. Therefore, we provide children's overseas (California, Philippines) short-term study methods (in half-months), direct admission to foreign kindergartens, primary schools, study and live with foreign children, and strengthen through a long period of daily English listening and speaking. The rapid development of English ability, the improvement of students' English application ability is your common goal.

  • Philippine 15-30 days study program: According to the student's age and English level test to join the top international kindergartens in Manila, with students from all over the world to study, through a short period of oral English, listening reinforcement, to learn in the country Learn and use English to achieve leaps and bounds and integrate into a multi-cultural learning environment.

  • California 30-60 days Trip Plan: Join the school in California's Silicon Valley (West Coast) according to the student's age, live and study with American children, learn about and learn about Western mainstream culture, and lay a good foundation for children's future integration into the international community. Suitable for students who wish to study abroad in the future (This program is suitable for students with a good English foundation).

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