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1. California Golf

California Golf is a high-end course brand under California English. It is a golf training course developed by California English for young students from non-English speaking countries. It teaches English throughout the course. This course is exclusively used by the California English language authorized in China. The students of this course are positioned in the group who are determined to become social elites and have an open international vision and long-term development plan. California Golf not only has the rigorous English teaching, but also has the fun and professionalism of golf courses. It provides students with more choices when choosing a single project and achieves a multiplier effect. The courses are mainly divided into the following modules:

a. Golf vocabulary

b. Daily conversation in golf

c. Etiquette of golf

d. Golf Training Scene Dialogue

e. Golf playing scene dialogue

f. History and Development of Golf

Students enroll in the California Golf Course and will be taught by a teacher + a Chinese teacher. Our teachers are all foreign teachers. They are golf enthusiasts with rich teaching experience, good English, and there are also professional PGA certification coaches. The specific coaching information can be referred to the website's teacher introduction. The Chinese teacher is mainly responsible for English practice and learning organization and management of golf.

Golf sports emphasizes etiquette and self-discipline. It is a sport to cultivate interpersonal relationships. Learning this course can not only learn professional English and golf knowledge, but also exercise the students' minds, ability and methods of handling affairs. Cultivate students' pursuit of excellence, gentle and elegant, well-organized method of doing things, exercise the student's willpower, self-motivated, and inspire students to strive for excellence. There are no thousands of golf swing exercises, and the joy of experiencing a hole in the hole is not. Isn't this true experience on the road to success?
The teaching of this course is divided into two parts, indoor and outdoor. The indoor mainly learns the basic knowledge, rules and etiquette of golf, and the outdoor lesson is a driving range. We hope to improve the students' English proficiency (daily dialogues and golf professional knowledge) through English golf, and also to develop their interest in English and golf and to keep up with their physical fitness so that they can enter the elite society in the future. The preparatory stage.

2. Outdoor Physical Education

3. California Football

Children should be able to relax, exercise, and learn about their own interests. We have arranged outdoor sports courses (soccer and basketball), and we hope that parents can allow children to participate in outdoor activities and sports, exercise and develop interest. This course is taught by U.S. and British football teachers and American basketball coach and referee Jason.


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